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System Development of Environmental Management System:

  • The organisation needs to define its scope which should be within the boundaries defined.
  • The policy for the anti bribery should be available in the relevant languages and should be appropriately communicated.
  • The risks related to environment should be reviewed and identified.
  • The objectives and targets to achieve the minimum possible bribery in the organisation.
  • The training and awareness of the system to the people
  • Make sure that the personnel’s are competent enough to understand the anti bribery.
  • Monitoring and measurement of the processes
  • Internal audit
  • Management review meetings
  • Non corrective action plans on the Non conformists raised.

We at SIS Certifications are associated to world’s best consultants who provide the support for consultancy and documentations For ISO 14001 and various other management systems.

We at sis certifications can refer you to one or more than one consultants who can assist you to develop your system. This process will be independently carried by you and the consultants. SIS Certifications will have no role in the consultancy part.

After you have done with the implementation and internal audit of the system, the auditors appointed by SIS Certifications shall perform the audit for the ISO 14001 or other standards independently and then shall recommend or not recommend for the certifications based on the compliance of the system in the organisation for the relevant standard.

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